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Answer : Pure bullion silver (.999 Fine) is too soft to make into jewelry, so an alloy is made by adding around 6-7% copper and a tiny amount of other metal. The resulting alloy is identified as .925 or "Sterling" silver. Elegant Charms International guarantees the solid Sterling purity of every sterling silver wholesale item we sell.

Answer : Elegant Charms International has always guaranteed the solid sterling silver purity of every item we sell. Other wholesalers have since tried to follow suit, usually with weasel-words such as "Stamped 925 to assure purity" or similar text, but you should research any supplier and purchase carefully. Anyone can of course stamp any piece of metal with whatever he chooses.
Every item that we manufactured is stamped "925". This mark is the longstanding and internationally accepted mark signifying Sterling silver purity. There is one small caveat - the extremely rare possibility of an exception. Theoretically, if an ultra-lightweight ring were made only of very, very thin wire; there could conceivably be no room for a stamp without damaging the item itself. Again, know that regardless of its stamp, the solid Sterling silver purity of everything Elegant Charms International sells is absolutely guaranteed.


Answer : Our jewelry is set with high quality gemstones. We use to list the gemstones you expect in your order.
Each item shown onsite is accompanied by a description of the gemstone set in its particular photo example. Thus a good way to get to know the gemstones used in our jewelry are by scrolling through all the individual products onsite.

All items in our website can be ordered in all different type of precious and semi precious gemstone irrespective of the picture shown.


Answer : To know about the ring size, please click on below link:

Ring Size


Answer : We do not drop ship, nor do we have an affiliate sales program. Our customers buy merchandise first, and then sell actual items directly from stock at hand.
Question : What is the minimum order quantity?

Answer : The minimum wholesale order quantity is 20 per item.
Question : What payment forms do you accept?

Answer : We accept the payment though the Wire transfer/Telegraphic transfers (T. T.)
Question : What is the shipping cost?

Answer : Shipping cost depends on order quantity and distance. Minimum shipping charges are US$40.
Question : Do you process international orders?

Answer : Yes.
Question : By which way you will send me the shipment?

Answer : We use UPS, FedEx and EMS (Speed Post) according to customer requirement.
Question : Will my personal information be safe over the net?

Answer : Definitely! We only use your personal information for the purpose of record keeping and shipping your order. In some occasions, we may contact you to inform about our upcoming promotions or sales. Your personal record will NOT be shared or used by anyone else for any other purposes whatsoever.
As your payment information will only be used by your preferred third party financial service provider or by 2Checkout.com, no one--including us--will have an access of your financial information.

Question : Do you have products other than what is listed on the site?

Answer : Yes, we have other designs that we don’t carry on the site.  We do add new products from time to time.
Question : Can you make my own designs or can you make jewelry according to my interest?

Answer : Of Course! We are a manufacture so we can make y our own designs or make jewelry according to your interest. Also if you don’t want, we will share your designs.
Question : Are the pictures shown actual size?

Answer : No, there is no way to show actual size on the internet due to the different screen sizes, browsers, and resolutions.  Most of the pictures are shown larger than actual size.
Question : My question is not here, what do I do next?

Answer : No problem, Click Here
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